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  1. Casting Your Cares

    In this sermon-series, Pastor Josh explains the need for total dependence on God for our physical needs.

  2. Where Is God In The Midst Of My Pain?

    In six sessions, Pastor Josh explains the origin of pain, evil and human suffering, and God’s role in these. This study would provide scriptural succor…

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  3. Sovereign God

    This sermon-series answers the question: Is God in FULL control over the Earth? 

  4. God And The Others

    This study answers important questions on the marginalization of women, racial discrimination, slavery and human disability. It reveals God’s role in all of these. 

  5. What God Is Like

    This study provides insight into the nature, attributes and character of God.

  6. New Year Exhortations 2024

    A collection of short sermons by Pastor Josh to grant direction for the new year.

  7. Reading The Bible In Context

    In nine sessions, and with very numerous illustrations from the Biblical text, Pastor Josh takes the listener step-by-step on how to interpret scriptural passages contextually.…

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  8. In Christ

    In this teaching, Pastor Josh explains our corporate identification with Christ.

  9. Who We Are And What We Have In Christ

    This sermon-series explores the privileges which accrue to the believer by virtue of being in Christ.

  10. Born Again

    This sermon explores the Christian doctrine of regeneration.