Dazzle’s Soteria is a special meeting. By “special,” we mean that we have the properties of teaching meetings, prayer meetings, evangelistic meetings, healing meetings and Holy Ghost meetings merged into one!

It is characterized by times of intimate prayers, LONG HOURS of teaching EXTENSIVELY on the subject of salvation (presenting the Gospel to saved and unsaved men alike) and the demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

We received from God the instruction to hold special meetings in late 2015. God said to hold annual conferences in which what Jesus did is expounded upon.

We are to teach EXTENSIVELY on the subject of salvation and demonstrate the same in the power of the Holy Ghost. “Soteria” is us obeying this instruction.

Soteria” is so named from an old Greek word which means “salvation.” Salvation is more than a mere rescue; furthermore, it must end up in the safety of the rescued from that which once previously held him bound.

By default, Soteria is divided into three segments:

  1. The first is to teach on the nature of God as revealed in Christ. This is because knowledge as touching the nature of God is required in order to know the nature of the salvation He gives. An error here will affect the entire subject of salvation.
  2. The second is to teach on sin, its consequences and God’s solution to sin. In this session, we explain IN DETAILS the concepts of salvation using Christ Jesus as the reference point.
  3.  The third segment of Soteria is basically a Holy Ghost Meeting in which the things of the Spirit are taught and demonstrated. In these sessions, the Spirit is given free course to bless God’s people. We minister to the people of God in the utterance, revelatory and power gifts. Directions as touching life and ministry are given. We walk in the tangibilities which have become ours in Christ!

The goal is to create a consciousness of Christ in the minds of men through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel. Every part of the meeting, from the time of prayer, the time of worship to the teaching of God’s Word must ALL point to Jesus.

We are deliberate about that. It is all about Him. The aim is to flood the earth with the knowledge of Jesus, one city at a time.

Men leave stirred up to fearlessly preach the Gospel of Jesus and do ministry like never before!