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A Place on Earth (Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven Within)

What is Man?

Joy and Laughter in the Holy Ghost

The Glory in Our Hands

Signs and Wonders in Christ

What God Always Wanted

The Power of the Gospel

Out of Proportion

Unmasking God (Revealing the good God in the good Son)

Lighting Up Men – the Dazzle Mission

Why Hearing God’s Word is so Important

Jesus At the Center



The Laying on of Hands

Coals of Fire: How to pay back your enemies

The Church is a School!

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

God Wants the World!

God Wants the World! PART 2

God Wants The World! PART 3

God’s Grace And Your Past

What Happens When We Pray

7 Facts You Must Know About Healing

Healing in God’s Word

How To Keep Your Healing

Preparing For A Vigil

God Gave Us A Book

How To Study The Bible

Word And Spirit

The Familiarity Trap

Simple Courtesy: How God’s Children Ought To Behave

Can The Bible Be Trusted?


The Church Of The Living God

Why God Gave Local Churches

Concerning Christian Meetings

Imago Dei

The Ministry Of Angels

What The Bible Teaches About Demons

My Pastor And I

My Pastor And I PART 2

Ministry Of Helps

New Year Exhortations (2023)

God Wants The World! PART 4

Growing Up Spiritually

How To (Not) Backslide



The Believer In Christ & Persecution

Learning Liberality: What The Bible Teaches About Giving

Sonship In Prayer

How Do I Use My Faith?

A Cure For All Ills

Praying In The Spirit

Pure: Sexual Sin & The Christian

Born Again

Who We Are And What We Have In Christ

In Christ

Reading The Bible In Context

New Year Exhortations (2024)

What God Is Like

God And The Others

Sovereign God