Josh Banks

Pastor Josh Banks is a Bible teacher with the vision of restoring the central Truths concerning Christ to the Church via the teaching of God’s Grace. This, he has done consistently, for over fifteen years.

Within that space of time, he has served as a Baptist Sunbeam Pastor and headed Grace Community as the President for two years. He is now the lead Pastor at Dazzle Church and heads Josh Banks Ministries.

He has also held Soteria Conferences yearly since 2015 which focuses on teaching EXTENSIVELY on the subject of salvation through faith in Christ.

He runs Dazzle Bible Classes which serves as the discipleship arm of the ministry focused on campus outreaches.

A terrific writer, speaker, and Bible theologian, he has taught in numerous conferences across Nigeria and has authored hundreds of articles and books.

Josh Banks believes in and is committed to putting Christ Jesus at the center of everything, till nothing else matters!